GVEC is Owned and Governed by Our Members: We Empower their Success

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

As a not-for-profit, GVEC’s primary concern is meeting the needs of its customers reliably and affordably. For over 85 years, this Coop has been dedicated to paving the way for sustainable economic growth in its member communities.

GVEC Believes Working with a Coop Should Be Different

“GVEC has a very long history of being very involved in the communities we work and live in,” says GVEC Economic Development Director Daisy Scheske Freeman. “From the beginning, it has been the organization’s first priority to say, ‘What do our customers need?’ Many times when a service wasn’t available, GVEC stepped in.”

GVEC makes it easy for vastly different businesses to thrive in the region. For example,  Graham Land and Cattle needs lots of land, and easy access to market, while Alamo Group is a manufacturer that relies on a large team of skilled workers. This cooperative business model has a longstanding track record of success stories by way of fostering partnerships and acquiring resources that support sustainable economic growth in its member communities.

People accomplish more in a community where their needs and input matter. Learn more about how GVEC and Guadalupe Valley Economic Development are structured to support its members’ success.   

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