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 Local Workforce Helps Manufacturing Company to Grow in Seguin  Photo

Local Workforce Helps Manufacturing Company to Grow in Seguin

Alamo Group (TX) Inc. is a manufacturing company, proudly based in Seguin, Texas. Since 1969, they have designed and manufactured industrial mowers used by governmental entities; cities, counties, states, federal and defense.  One of their specialties is to create concept designs with a customer who has a specific need. They then turn the concept into a functioning design, test and manufacture it - all from their Seguin location. This would not be possible without the talent, ingenuity and work ethic of their employees. We wanted to learn more about the success they have had as an organization, the role their employees play in that success, and why they have chosen to grow in Seguin. Mary Andrews, Director of After Sales, Military Affairs & Community Development, sat down with us and gave us a glimpse at what makes Alamo so successful.

Q: How long have you been with Alamo?

A: I have been with the company since 2006 and have had the great opportunity to be a part of changing our culture to achieve our outstanding safety record.  I am also the Chairman of the Chamber Board and lead the collaboration between Alamo and SISD.

Q: Why do you feel Alamo is so successful?

A: Our ability to design, test, and manufacture industrial mowers within the U.S. is both unique and highly beneficial. We are a one-stop-shop for our customers and they depend on us to deliver high quality products every time.

Q: What role do your employees play in that?

A: The community is made up of great people who work hard and take pride in what they do.  This work ethic has translated into quality products and getting us to be a leader in our industry. We are looking to expand upon our International business as well as the Federal and Department of Defense segments. Our talented and dedicated employees make us well-positioned for growth.

Q: Why did you choose to locate and then stay in Seguin?

A: Initially, we chose Seguin because it offered a strong agricultural-based community with people who had strong work ethics and knowledge to help guide product development.  The opportunity to hire great people interested in the type of products we were developing existed here. Seguin and the surrounding areas have given us a great base of people to hire.  The infrastructure has developed around us, and being centrally located to our Central and North American customers have helped our business grow.

When we started searching for a new corporate headquarters, the City stepped in and offered financial and tax incentives for us to remain in Sequin. They also built a bridge to access the property. Our new Corporate office is now located at 1627 East Walnut St.

Q: Has the community done anything to help you develop your workforce?

A: The Talent Pipeline project of bringing students to businesses while they are considering a career path has already made a positive impact.  This has allowed us to partner with SISD and assist in their Ag Mechanics course work throughout the year. We believe this collaboration will produce future employees with a higher skill level.  The CNC machine course work recently started at CTTC is a major step towards developing students to fill critical positions in our plant.

Q: What do you want everyone to know about Alamo after reading the article?  

A: We have the greatest employees in Seguin.  We care about each other and look out for each other and that is visible through our safety record. We have gone over 11 years without a lost time accident.  Our employees are empowered and take ownership in everything they do. All of us are expected to stop the production line if we see anything which doesn’t meet our safety and quality standards.  We take pride in what we produce and we have fun while doing it!

Q: What do you or your employees enjoy about living here?  

A: Seguin is such a friendly, welcoming community.  People care for each other and they want their friends and neighbors to succeed.  It is fun to watch the community grow with all the additional housing developments as well as the new businesses which are sprouting up all over.  The recreational opportunities just keep getting better and better which draws others into the area. And of course the largest small town 4th of July parade is second to none!

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Alamo has experienced great success, in part, due to the hard work ethic and dedication of their employees. The workforce in Seguin, Texas can add value to virtually any business, especially in the manufacturing sectors. Contact us to learn more about our area and the many benefits of locating here.

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