Monday, May 20, 2019

The Kraege Drug Store officially had its’ 100th birthday on April 1, 2019. One-hundred years ago, a Kraege Drug Store shopper could buy some toothpaste for .20 cents, a root beer for .18 cents, or even a glass bottle of witch hazel for .35 cents a pint. The century old drug store was opened by Roland H. Kraege, Sr. R. Ph., at the current location on Main Street, however, in a different building.

Originally a confectionery, or candy shop, the old frame building was torn down in 1928, and replaced the same year with a new brick building under the ownership of August G. Kraege, Jr., father to Roland, Sr.

Clearly not a business to close down, the drug store operated out of boxes from across the street until the two-story building was complete. At ninety-one years old, the “A.G. Kraege” letters are still on display on the front facade.

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