Auto Parts Supplier Continental a Powerhouse of Local Manufacturing Sector

Monday, January 07, 2019


Some of the auto parts made for the heavy-duty Ford F-150 that Scott Williams drives are the size of a grain of pepper – assembled by collaborative robots in a state-of-the-art factory, where 1,600 highly skilled engineers and technicians wear electrostatic discharge lab coats and heel straps.

“Everything we produce is ready to be plugged into a vehicle, no assembly required,” Williams said of the millions of finished electronic modules and sensors Continental  makes in Seguin, about an hour’s drive east of San Antonio. In fact, Continental modules exist in one of every three of the 12 million vehicles built last year in the U.S., he said, including his personal truck, which has at least three.

Williams is a plant manager at Continental, the 145-year-old German company that began as a manufacturer of rubber products and now builds everything from electronic sensors to brake systems and powertrains for vehicles, machines, and traffic and transportation systems.  READ MORE...



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