Reasons to Support Local Charities on Giving Tuesday

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Today, November 27th, is Giving Tuesday. This is a day where people throughout our community, and the world, donate to the causes they are passionate about. Giving Tuesday is a day of community togetherness where we are encouraged to look beyond the busyness of the holiday season and to consider those in our community who may need our help and support, along with the charities that are standing in the gap to be there for those in need.

Organizations Making a Difference In the Guadalupe Valley

There are many charities in our community who are making a difference in the lives of children and the elderly or working to protect animals or our environment. Most depend on donations and volunteers to support their operations and ensure they can deliver on their mission. This Giving Tuesday, we encourage community members to learn more about local charities and nonprofits. Below are just a few of the local charities with information on the Giving Tuesday website:

  • Animal Rescue Foundation
  • Friends of Paws in Prison
  • Guadalupe Regional Medical Foundation
  • Guadalupe Valley Habitat for Humanity
  • Lifegate Christian School
  • Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption
  • Texas Lutheran University

You can visit this page to search for these and other charities in the Guadalupe Valley,

Reasons to Support Local Charities

Charities or nonprofits are an important part of our local and national economy. In fact, they represent 5 percent of our GDP. Nationally, non-profits create over 14 million jobs and pay around $635 billion in annual wages (McKeever, 2016). This is remarkable, but it is only part of the story.

In addition to creating jobs, local charities and non-profit organizations do a lot to support our quality of life. While not always realized in economic gains, their impact is felt in our strong sense of community. They help to make the Guadalupe Valley a great place to live and raise a family. Plus, local charities ensure that if anyone in our community needs a little help, someone is there to lend a hand.

Other benefits of supporting local charities include –

  • Teaching children the importance of generosity
  • Getting a tax deduction
  • Giving feels good!

Join the GVEC in Celebrate Giving Today

By celebrating giving, we are also celebrating the power of our community members to bring about change. Every dollar donated to local charities on Giving Tuesday is money that is staying within our community and working to directly help our friends and neighbors. We encourage you to join others in the Guadalupe Valley today by making a donation to your favorite charity. Post on our Facebook page when you do or share information about your favorite charity so that other community members can learn more about them.


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