Texas Produces Five Times The Wind Power As California At Almost Half The Price -- Blame Regulation

Friday, June 22, 2018

The electricity markets in the two most-populous states couldn’t be more different. California government heavily regulates electricity while Texas allows free market competition in most of the state.

Yet, Texas produced about five times the amount of wind power as did California in 2017 while it generated about 29 percent more non-hydroelectric renewable power (California's strict renewable power rules excludes the power from large dams as being considered renewable), such as solar, biomass and geothermal than California while California’s retail electric rates were 89 percent higher than Texas’ in 2017.

California’s electric market labors under detailed mandates imposed by busybody politicians exercising their power to save the world. Since 2002, there have been no fewer than 12 laws or state executive orders specifying renewable energy targets. Several other laws proscribe the power mix, such as sharply curtailing greenhouse gas emissions or prohibiting new coal-fired electricity contracts.

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