Explaining the Seguin Miracle

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Some people say we have an economic miracle going on here in Texas. 

In spite of crashing energy prices, our economic engine keeps rolling along. We now have a diversified economy, so we are no longer totally dependent on the energy industry as we were in the past. This is due to our pro-business atmosphere combined with lower taxes and fewer government regulations and entanglements. It is also due to the serious efforts and accomplishments that have come about due to the state’s economic development programs and incentives. 

Texas is competing with other states and also with countries around the world to offer the best possible incentives and conditions for companies to do business here — and it’s working. 

And it’s working here in Seguin as well. Our Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) led by Terry Trevino, and our city staff, led by Doug Faseler, have found ways to tap into the resources that the state provides. They have also found creative ways to offer local incentives to companies to locate here or to stay and expand their facilities here. Without these efforts, there would be no Caterpillar, no Continental Automotive and no Siro Group locating here.  Read More

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