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Adams Extract & Spice: Where People Come First

Since 1905, Adams Extract & Spice has been located in Texas. Many locals know them as an excellent place to work but worldwide, they are known as the makers of Adams Best Vanilla Flavor and the inventors of the red velvet cake. Since their move to Texas at the turn of the century, they have continued to grow and expand their business, providing consumers with products to change and enhance the flavor of food. From the start, there was science behind the creation of their extracts, spices, and food colorings.

This focus on the science of foods has made it possible for them to create and sell extracts and spices that hold their flavor, regardless of the food they are flavoring. With 130 years in business, they are clearly doing something right. But, what makes them special extends far beyond their products. What makes them special begins with their values.

A driving force at Adams Extract & Spice is their corporate values, where they believe “it’s about THEM not US.” That means putting employees, customers, and consumers first. Their goal is to improve people’s lives. This is evident in the care they put into the creation of each spice, each flavoring, and each recipe. At Adams, it is not enough to sell extracts and spices. They are selling an experience and making a lasting memory. Food has the power to do this. Memories are made as families sit around the dinner table, grandma’s bake their favorite fudge recipe and teach it to their grandchildren, or friends gather together for a summertime cookout. Food is what brings people together. The taste of the first bite or smell of something baking is what makes special food so memorable. Adams Extract & Spice is in the business of making those memories.

Their people-first approach applies to how they treat their employees as well. With a goal of improving the lives of their people, Adams Extract & Spice, continues to invest in their employees. In Gonzales, they are putting these values into action by expanding their workforce and raising wages. They are willing to pay employees more because they value their contribution to the success of the company and want to improve their lives as well.  

Choosing to Locate in Gonzales, Texas

The company moved to Gonzales from Austin in 2002 because the I-10 corridor is an important transportation highway for their important raw ingredients. Gonzales is also centrally located to several of their largest customers in the Food Manufacturing and Grocery businesses. The available  workforce in the area has made it easy for them to staff up and continue to grow as their business has expanded. Being able to quickly hire skilled workers has been a valuable benefit of locating in Gonzales, making it possible for the company to remain responsive to consumer demands for their products.

The products they manufacture are available for purchase locally as well. Employees, their families and community members can support the work being done at the Gonzales plant by purchasing their extracts and spices at HEB and Walmart.

What’s New

Adams Extract & Spice began with the creation of Adams Best Vanilla Flavor but they have expanded significantly and now manufacture a variety of branded products, provide industrial and food service options, and manufacture branded co packing and private label items out of their Gonzales facility.

The Future of a Brand

For 130 years, Adams Extract & Spice has been manufacturing the extracts and spices that make food taste great. People on Facebook regularly post on about how they grew up using Adams and are now using those same extracts and spices when creating meals with their own families. Adams is a legacy brand that has become part of our collective memories. The high-quality of their products is what makes the brand something customers continue to purchase year after year, decade after decade.

They are continuing to grow and currently hiring additional workers for their Gonzales manufacturing plant. These new recruits will be joining a family of dedicated Gonzales employees who are working hard to make great food taste even better!

For additional information on Adams Extract & Spice, visit or contact Annie Ortega, Director of Marketing and Brands at 512-359-3035.

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