Yoakum Economic Corporation to Develop Second Industrial Park

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Yoakum Economic Development Corporation (YEDC), in collaboration with the Yoakum City Council, has secured the land necessary to establish Yoakum’s second business development park suitable for the location of industrial and manufacturing companies that are key to the community’s long-term growth. The new 60-acre industrial park is located at the major intersection of US Highway 77-A and Farm-to-Market 3475 (Carl Ramert Drive). The park will boast the availability of shovel-ready sites including all the requisite utility infrastructure in the near future. YEDC’s goal is for the location to bring millions of dollars of private investment with stable, well-paying jobs. The park will make Yoakum competitive when site selectors are choosing options for their clients. Additionally, the park is located entirely within a Texas Enterprise Zone and a federal Opportunity Zone. Businesses that locate at the park will be able to take advantage of all state and federal tax benefits associated with these programs. "The advantage of the site is the opportunity to create a significant location for manufacturing and distribution," Yoakum Economic Development Corporation President Gery Maneth said. "The site's high visibility and transportation-related benefits make for an ideal scenario." “I see the new industrial park property as an investment for the City of Yoakum. I anticipate this will generate several opportunities for future growth in our community. This development will Project IP2 Press Release Page 2 of 2 open doors for new businesses, more jobs, more housing, future expansions, and additional revenue” said Yoakum Mayor Carl O’Neill. “I am excited about the new property purchase by the Yoakum Economic Development Corporation. Anytime an opportunity arises for new industry or jobs within Lavaca County, everyone benefits,” said Lavaca County Judge Mark Myers. “I’d like to invite manufacturers to take a good look at Lavaca County for your future home and base of operations. In my estimation, there is no finer place in this state to be a success and raise a family.” “When the necessary infrastructure has been installed, it will allow the community to compete favorably for large economic development projects”, YEDC’s Executive Director Terry Stokes said. “This new industrial park is an important investment in Yoakum's long-term growth. The types of companies the park will be able to accommodate will create high-impact jobs and increase the local property tax base. The project doesn’t just benefit Yoakum but rather the entire Golden Crescent Region,” stated Terry Stokes. The mission of the Yoakum Economic Development Corporation is to provide the community the necessary tools to finance new and expanded business opportunities that will result in new jobs and investments. The YEDC is governed by a board of seven community leaders who volunteer their time.

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