City of Schertz, Texas

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

building aerialThe City of Schertz, Texas is part of the larger San Antonio region and in close proximity to Austin, and Houston. This proximity has fueled the community’s explosive growth. Over the past five years, numerous top Fortune® 100 companies have chosen to make major investments in Schertz. Caterpillar,, FedEx, and Sysco have collectively invested hundreds of millions of dollars and constructed over 3 million square feet of space in the community. 

About the City of Schertz

The City of Schertz is a business friendly, fast-growing community of over 42,000 residents.

Schertz is an ideal location for business. From a cost advantage perspective, Schertz is a lower cost alternative to San Antonio and Austin. Local companies can access the same workforce pool as San Antonio while enjoying lower property taxes and operational costs. Schertz companies also use multimarket access to help offset costs; by investing in a single location, they have access to two major metro markets as well as the submarkets in between. 

Companies in Schertz have the stability of the US market with the added benefit of international reach via their proximity to Mexico as well as access to two interstates (Interstate 35 and Interstate 10) that allow ideal connectivity.

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Target Industries

Schertz has a diverse economy and includes industries such as manufacturing and e-commerce that provide invaluable job opportunities. The city’s interstate access and proximity to major markets make it an ideal location for businesses growing in the following sectors -

Manufacturing – Schertz is a community with access to a skilled manufacturing workforce of over 70,000. Manufacturers can also be confident in their ability to retain and strengthen their staff through multiple upskilling programs that can be financially supported through the Schertz EDC’s workforce support grant offerings. The SEDC has strong partnerships with  local schools, which helps companies gain access to a talent pipeline focused on Career and Technical Education (CTE) programming.

E-Commerce – As consumer spending increases, so too does the need for warehousing/distribution services. Markets such as Schertz with large consumer counts offer great distribution potential. Within a 60-minute drive time, fulfillment centers in Schertz can reach over 2.3 million customers. Additionally, Schertz has a relatively young industrial building inventory, with new facilities coming on the market regularly. Distributors see Schertz’ location as a strategic advantage and developers have taken note, building attractive, modern facilities to capture increased demand. For all industries, Schertz offers a multitude of available, move in ready space within established industrial parks, as well as green fields with industrial grade utilities. Their talented development team can also move quickly to meet development timelines.

The City of Schertz Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is offering incentives and tools for new companies looking to locate in the city. These tools range from cash grants and infrastructure reimbursements to property tax abatements coordinated with County partners. For certain investments, the SEDC can arrange for state level participation, resulting in significant company savings. Schertz is located within a Triple Freeport and offers a manufacturing sales tax exemption for projects over a certain size threshold. In addition to these resources, the SEDC also provides significant workforce training and development support through its dedicated business retention and expansion program.

The Community & Workforce

In addition to a robust manufacturing and e-commerce sector, Schertz has a strong education and retail sector that provides for the needs of local residents.  With a diverse business base comes a diverse workforce as well.

Within a 15-mile radius, the city’s labor market includes over 415,000 workers who are well trained, dedicated, and available for new and growing businesses. As part of the larger San Antonio region, Schertz companies can connect with multiple regional skill sets ranging from the highly technical, such as CNC operation and engineering, to the interpersonal (soft skills) that foster a customer service-oriented workplace.

The workforce is strong and people want to live here. Schertz residents enjoy safe and beautiful neighborhoods, parks, premier school districts, healthcare, and recreational amenities for all ages. Residents also benefit from our community’s exceptional housing and lifestyle opportunities, both available at an affordable cost.

Connect with the SEDC

The City of Schertz is a strong community in which to invest and live. Learn more about the opportunities that are available within the city and discover why it is a great place to do business by contacting the SEDC and visiting 

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