Save Money by Moving Out of the City and Into the Guadalupe Valley

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative provides affordable electricity for members throughout the region. As a cooperative, we are member-owned and on a mission to meet the needs of our growing member base. Offering affordable electricity and investing in infrastructure is one of the ways we are supporting growth in the Guadalupe Valley, growth that is occurring, in part, due to the low cost-of-living that is available to families and businesses.

Families save money by moving out of the Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas.

HomeCommunities like Seguin are ideal for families who love South Central Texas, but do not want to pay the high real estate prices associated with living in popular San Antonio or Austin. Making the move is relatively easy because San Antonio is only a 45-minutes from Seguin and Austin is a little over an hour. People can continue to work in those areas or take one of the many jobs currently available in the Guadalupe Valley. In fact, job growth in the Valley has grown exponentially due to businesses realizing the many benefits of locating in an affordable, yet centrally located area.

So, how much can families save by moving out of the city and into the Guadalupe Valley?

A lot. Take, for example, the cost of buying a home in nearby Austin. The average home price is $346,500 with a mortgage payment of approximately $1,730 per month. In Seguin, the average home price is $192,300 with an approximate mortgage payment of $960. Those who want to save even more can move to Gonzales were the average home price is $122,000 and mortgage payment $609. By simply moving to the Guadalupe Valley families can cut their mortgage payment so significantly that their quality of life improves by reducing financial stress and leaving more room in the budget to go out to dinner, have fun on the weekends and take an annual vacation. Since there are plenty of jobs available in the Valley, families are realizing that they have all the reasons in the world to make the move.

Businesses save by moving to the Guadalupe Valley.

Families aren’t the only ones realizing the financial benefits of moving to the region. Businesses are finding that by making the move, they can access affordable commercial real estate in an area where there is plenty of land available. In cities like Austin, businesses often feel that they are restricted in their expansion simply due to a lack of affordable space or restrictive zoning regulations. That is not an issue in the Valley. Here, businesses have the room they need to grow, and local economic developers are available to make it easy to find a new location.

Another financial benefit of locating in the Guadalupe Valley is the affordable energy provided by the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative. As a member-owned cooperative, we are focused on providing the affordable energy our member businesses need to thrive.

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