San Antonio Distillery is now open for business

Monday, May 07, 2018

GONZALES — Bruce Harborth had a dream that one day he would continue in his ancestor’s footsteps and somehow launch his own rum distillery.

He teamed up with a kindred spirit—his relative Jeremiah Dempsey—and the two hatched a wonderful idea. Why not distill their own rum, and do it in Gonzales, Texas?

So they did it. The result is the opening of the San Antonio distillery on St. Paul Street in downtown Gonzales. The two men, along with Jeremiah’s wife Catherine, opened their doors last weekend to start serving up their own homemade rum recipe.

“My family has a long history of making rum, going back generations to my great, great grandparents. They used to raise sugar cane in the Valley, and of the things they made from it was rum. It is a family tradition, and I have always dreamed of doing that someday.

“Then I was talking to Jeremiah, and his side of the family has a lot of history in, let’s say, ‘homemade brewing and distilling techniques’ so we decided to make it a reality.”

They purchased the building on St. Paul Street, went through the licensing process, began renovations on the building and began the process of distilling.

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