Remembering Seguin Industry Leader Phil Seidenberger

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

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“It is always tough seeing these kinds of things happen, especially to someone your own age,” long-time friend and Seguin Mayor Don Keil said. “It really strikes home. He was an amazing guy and we will really miss him.”

Keil said he’s known Seidenberger since they grew up together as children.

“We were from the same neighborhood over on the West Side,” he said. “We — me, Phil and his brother Greg — went to St. Joseph’s School for 8 years.”

Phil graduated from St. Anthony’s Catholic High School in 1968, began attending Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University) and in 1970 began his lifelong career in the steel-making industry at Seguin Metal Incorporated (SMI), now known as Commercial Metals Company (CMC).

“Phil’s leadership at CMC reflected the best of what we believe to be the core values of our company. He led numerous improvements in safety and production, but what he will be most remembered for is the level of love and respect he had for his fellow steelmakers,” a statement from CMC said. “No one ever walked away from a conversation with Phil where they didn’t feel better about themselves. He set the bar high, not only in how to make steel but also how to shape steelmakers.” Read More...

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