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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

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Located thirty minutes east of San Antonio and about an hour south of Austin, Seguin is positioned to compete for future investment. Seguin has ample property ready for development and excellent access to the major thoroughfares of I-10 and SH130. With a population of over 30,000 people, Seguin is a diverse community that people of all incomes, ages and backgrounds call home.

Seguin is a regional entertainment hub that provides endless entertainment options for families, couples, singles and retirees. Whether your idea of fun involves spending the day at a local festival, perusing collections of local art at the Seguin Art League, listening to a live band play at the Seguin Brewery or going swimming with your family – it is all possible here because Seguin has fantastic cultural amenities that include the beautifully restored Palace Theater, The Stephen and Mary Birch Texas Theatre, the Blue Lotus Winery and the Seguin Events Complex. ZDT’s Amusement Park is a family-owned and operated business providing endless hours of fun. Home to the Switchback, Ranked #33 among the top wooden roller coasters in the world, ZDT’s has fast rides, waterslides, an indoor play area, simulator, arcade, rock and silo climbing, and go karts.

zdtSeguin is a Retail Hub for Three Counties

Seguin serves as the retail hub for three major counties—Guadalupe, Gonzales and Wilson. Seguin is experiencing citywide business expansion, with many nationally known retailers entering, returning and expanding in the market. Seguin’s retail sales remain strong with sales tax revenues up year over year. 

Seguin Has Attracted Investment in Housing  & Commercial Development

With new housing developments coming online, and increased traffic counts, Seguin has seen the pace of commercial development greatly increase in the past two years.

As Seguin experiences abundant commercial growth, the community’s housing market is also thriving. Seguin’s residential real estate market is booming with +10,000 residential units proposed either under construction or undergoing the approval process.

International Manufacturers Call Seguin Home

Manufacturing is the heart of the Seguin economy. The Seguin area has over 4,000 manufacturing jobs just within its city limits; this is more than three times the national average. 

Big name corporations such as Caterpillar, Vitesco , Tyson Foods, Georgia Pacific, Niagara Bottling, Alamo Group, Hexcel and CMC Steel all have major manufacturing operations within the City. These manufacturers benefit from access to a skilled workforce and sites available for expansion, in addition to the access Seguin provides to other major markets. 

Access Major Texas Markets and Port of Entry Within 300 Miles

  • San Antonio: 34 Mi., 35 Min
  • Austin: 51 Mi., 54 Min.
  • Houston/Port of Houston: 161 Mi., 2 Hrs. 20 Min.
  • Laredo/US & Mexico Border: 189 Mi., 2 Hrs. 44 Min.
  • Dallas: 256 Mi., 3 Hrs. 44 Min.

Within 60 Minute Drive of Two International Airports

  • San Antonio International: 40 Miles (40Min)
  • Austin-Bergstrom International: 57 Miles (55 Min)


Seguin’s Workforce Supports Business Expansion

When it comes to the skill level of Seguin’s workforce, the proof is in the numbers. There are thousands of manufacturing jobs in Seguin, representing nearly 30% of the private sector jobs in the city. Seguin has invested in growing the manufacturing sector by providing workforce training programs and other solutions that enable companies to thrive here. Companies like Caterpillar and Vitesco Technologies have chosen to make Seguin home because the city has the skilled workforce they need to be productive.

Seguin’s workforce is dedicated, hardworking and an asset to any organization. In addition to manufacturing growth, Seguin has also seen a steady increase in the healthcare, education and retail industries. The ability to pull workers from the city and the surrounding six counties has made it easier for businesses to locate here and grow, regardless of their industry.

Seguin Economic Development Corp. (SEDC) allocates funding to the Central Texas Technology Center (CTTC), which has been a vital resource in driving workforce development for the area. The CTTC works with regional industries and develops their employee training programs and curriculum to fit the needs of local manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Vitesco Technologies, Alamo Group and CMC Steel. The development of Seguin's workforce by the CTTC plays a critical role in meeting the needs of the existing businesses within the community, as well as, meeting the needs of companies looking to move to Seguin. Click here to learn more about Seguin’s workforce initiatives.

Support is Available for Business Expansion

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation continues to place economic development as a high priority and has placed a focus on primary job creation, retention and expansion of current businesses, targeted infrastructure improvements, small business development, diversifying and expanding the retail base and growing available housing stock. The city’s primary industries are Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail Trade, Food Service and Accommodation. In addition, the economic development office is looking to attract businesses in the following industries: Advanced Materials and Plastics, Bio-technology and Medical Supply, Automotive/Aerospace Components, Food and Beverage, and Heavy Machinery.

Contact the SEDC to learn more about local workforce programs and available incentives and funding opportunities, some of which are listed below.

  • Seguin EDC Performance Incentives The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is a Type A Economic Development Corporation funded by a quarter-cent (1/4) sales tax. The SEDC Type A Sales Tax proceeds are typically expended for Projects that result in the creation or retention of Primary Jobs. A primary job is one at a company that exports a majority of its products or services to markets outside the local region, infusing new dollars into the local economy. Primary jobs are further limited to specific industry sectors such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing and scientific research and development. There are some limitations on how the SEDC's Type A sales tax revenues can be used to fund a project. Per Chapter 501.101 of the Texas Local Government Code, the SEDC may use Type A Sales Tax Revenue to fund land, buildings, equipment, facilities, expenditures, targeted infrastructure, and improvements that are for the creation or retention of primary jobs.
  • Triple Freeport Exemptions The Freeport Exemption is a business personal property tax exemption on inventory that is in Texas for a short period of time (175 days or less) and will be transported outside of the State of Texas. Freeport exemptions are offered by Seguin ISD, Guadalupe County, and the City of Seguin to exempt tangible personal property from ad valorem taxation.  Seguin, Texas is known as a “Triple Freeport Community” since all 3 taxing authorities (County, School District, and City) have agreed to give tax breaks on all eligible inventory that a business might have in its warehouse space.
  • Tax Abatements Authorized under Texas Tax Code Chapter 312, this incentive allows local governments such as the City of Seguin and Guadalupe County to exempt all or part of the increased tax value of real property and/or tangible personal property for a period not to exceed 10 years. Each taxing district has distinct guidelines and criteria for creating a reinvestment zone and authorizing a Chapter 312 Tax Abatement. All Chapter 312 Tax Abatements must be formalized through a Tax Abatement Agreement and approved by the local taxing district.
  • Expedited Permitting The City of Seguin can implement an expedited permitting process for qualified projects. This process would include contracting with an outside plan review firm to provide expedited plan reviews and approvals. The Seguin Economic Development Corporation would cover all costs associated with the expedited permitting process. When possible, the City will allow concurrent review of plans and will assign a staff member to act as a development liaison to keep the company informed of the status of the applications, next steps, and to address any questions or concerns.
  • Workforce Support To support continued workforce development, the SEDC is focused on working closely with existing and new businesses to determine what their needs are. Programs, initiatives and funding are available to assist with workforce development. Additionally, the SEDC can participate in recruitment efforts as needed.

Make Your Home in Seguin

Seguin has a skilled workforce, a pro-business environment, and an active and supportive community. By offering incentives and out-of-the-box solutions, Seguin is recruiting additional businesses to serve the needs of residents and visitors. Seguin invites entrepreneurs, regional and national corporations to come to Seguin, Texas and become a part of their story.

Contact Seguin Economic Development Corporation. 



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