Growing more food with less water

Monday, December 31, 2018

Agriculture is the engine that drives the rural economy and agriculture depends upon water

  “Water is the lifeblood of our area. Without the water we have underneath us, it would be like farming a desert.” ~Harold Grall, farmer, Moore County

Name any major agricultural product and Texas is among the nation’s leading producers: Beef, cotton, dairy products, corn, sorghum, wheat, wool, sugar, fresh vegetables, poultry, pork, nuts and citrus. Agricultural production adds more than $100 billion to the Texas economy each year.

There are a number of major agricultural production regions in Texas: Timber in East Texas, fruit and vegetables in the Rio Grand Valley, rice and row crops in the Coastal Bend, sheep, goats and dairy in Central Texas and livestock throughout the state. But the High Plains region of Texas stands out as one of the most productive areas in the world. The agricultural abundance produced in this region, from the Texas Panhandle through the South Plains, makes agriculture the dominant industry fueling the regional economy.

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Naturally Beautiful Texas Landscapes

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Take a Spring drive in Cuero, Yorktown, Yoakum and all the little towns in between and experience why the Texas Legislature passed HR 769 on May 4, 1999 designating DeWitt County as the Wildflower Capital of Texas. The area becomes “an ocean of color” as the wildflowers begin to bloom and visitors come far and wide for this naturally beautiful Texas landscape.