Goliad Square a charming South Texas treasure

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

GOLIAD — From her apartment balcony overlooking the downtown square, Suzi Warzecha, 70, admits she can’t help but brag to visitors about Goliad and all its charm.

“Goliad is setting the standard for small towns because they have people living on the square,” said Warzecha, who has lived on and off at the walk-up loft apartment for almost three decades. “It’s been wonderful.”

Located across from the main entrance to the historic county courthouse and above a host of boutiques and restaurants, Warzecha’s loft has played host to curious visitors from outside Goliad and even Texas. Chatting with those visitors and introducing them to Goliad is one of her favorite pastimes, said Warzecha, who added visitors routinely wander into her home thinking the space is a museum or tourist attraction.

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Small-Town Texas, Big-Time Bandwidth: GVEC Fiber Internet in Shiner

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Shiner, Texas is probably best known for the Spoetzl Brewery, Texas’s oldest independent brewery and home to world famous Shiner Bock Beer. Shiner also has a reputation as Texas’s “cleanest little city” and is known for its charm and character, along with its rich heritage. In October 2018, GVEC helped put Shiner “on the map” yet again by launching Fiber Internet, powered by the world’s fastest internet technology. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps, Fiber opens a whole new window onto the world for this hamlet of 2,069.