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Gretchen Bee Ranch is Attracting Bees and Tourists to Seguin

Category:  Success Stories

Located in Seguin, Gretchen Bee Ranch is the only full-service beekeeper showroom in South Texas. Owners Mark and Thien are committed to providing fresh, healthy products from their beehives and from the hives of other beekeepers that they know and trust. “People can be assured that when they buy our...

Local Workforce Helps Manufacturing Company to Grow in Seguin

Category:  Success Stories

Alamo Group (TX) Inc. is a manufacturing company, proudly based in Seguin, Texas. Since 1969, they have designed and manufactured industrial mowers used by governmental entities; cities, counties, states, federal and defense.  One of their specialties is to create concept designs with a customer who has a specific need. They...

Adams Extract & Spice: Where People Come First

Category:  Success Stories

Since 1905, Adams Extract & Spice has been located in Texas. Many locals know them as an excellent place to work but worldwide, they are known as the makers of Adams Best Vanilla Flavor and the inventors of the red velvet cake. Since their move to Texas at the turn...

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms Inc. is a Rapidly Expanding Homegrown Business

Category:  Success Stories

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms Inc. grows between 250,000-280,000 pounds per week of fresh mushrooms for the Texas market. The primary varieties they grow are white button, crimini and portobello mushrooms, as well as a small quantity of oyster and shiitake mushrooms. These full-flavor mushrooms are a fantastic addition to meals...

Why a Global Company is Manufacturing in Marion, Texas

Category:  Success Stories

Taprite-Fassco Mfg, Inc., a division of Aalberts Industries, a global supplier for the beverage dispense market, is choosing to manufacture their products in Marion, Texas. Though the company is located in the United States, Germany and Italy, Marion has proven to be the right place for the company to fabricate...

Small-Town Texas, Big-Time Bandwidth: GVEC Fiber Internet in Shiner

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Shiner, Texas is probably best known for the Spoetzl Brewery, Texas’s oldest independent brewery and home to world famous Shiner Bock Beer. Shiner also has a reputation as Texas’s “cleanest little city” and is known for its charm and character, along with its rich heritage. In October 2018, GVEC helped put Shiner “on the map” yet again by launching Fiber Internet, powered by the world’s fastest internet technology. With speeds of up to 1 Gbps, Fiber opens a whole new window onto the world for this hamlet of 2,069.