Clark: Wind energy and economic development — a proper accounting

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Texas Economic Development Act, also known as Chapter 313, is Texas’ signature program for attracting new investment to our state. Because we compete for investment on an international basis, Chapter 313 is an essential tool to attract wind energy projects and other capital-intensive businesses, including oil and gas, technology, manufacturing, refining, and petrochemicals. Each of these grows our economy.

In the case of wind energy, the program has helped to attract more than $30 billion of investment to rural areas, bringing an expanded tax base to support schools and providing cheaper electricity that benefits all Texans.

I appreciate the Austin American-Statesman’s efforts to increase public understanding of the Chapter 313 program. Yet some of the information presented in your article, “Controversy in the Air,” might leave readers with a less than complete understanding of the costs and benefits involved.

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Category: Energy