Texas Ranks No. 1 in Site Selection Magazine's 2016 Sustainability Rankings

Friday, August 12, 2016

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Texas has been named the No. 1 state for sustainability by Site Selection magazine's 2016 Sustainability Rankings, and will feature in the award-winning publication's July 2016 issue.  The Lone Star State-- along with California, North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado-- top the list of most sustainable states in the country. And Dallas-Fort Worth, Greater Boston, Cincinnati, Grand Rapids and Chicago top the metro area rankings. At the country level, Germany, Canada, the United States, Denmark and the UK top the rankings, in that order.

Reprising and upgrading rankings published every summer from 2010 through 2013, the data-rich, one-of-a-kind index balances a number of factors comprising cleantech and green industry activity, energy awareness, the built environment, redevelopment of polluted sites, policy, and human well-being and quality of life. Where applicable, per-capita calculations (see methodology below) give proper credit to those smaller territories fighting above their weight when it comes to the not-easy task of being green. The rankings also include US regional rankings of states and metro areas.

"Like Site Selection's other rankings, the 2016 Sustainability Rankings reflect where the action is, and where the 'dirty work' of cleaner living is taking place, whether it's a new factory making solar panels, a new city incentive, increased renewable energy deployment, a new LEED-certified building going up, or intensified brownfield cleanup activity," says Adam Bruns, managing editor of Site Selection.

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