Monday, May 20, 2019

The Kraege Drug Store officially had its’ 100th birthday on April 1, 2019. One-hundred years ago, a Kraege Drug Store shopper could buy some toothpaste for .20 cents, a root beer for .18 cents, or even a glass bottle of witch hazel for .35 cents a pint. The century old drug store was opened by Roland H. Kraege, Sr. R. Ph., at the current location on Main Street, however, in a different building.

Originally a confectionery, or candy shop, the old frame building was torn down in 1928, and replaced the same year with a new brick building under the ownership of August G. Kraege, Jr., father to Roland, Sr.

Clearly not a business to close down, the drug store operated out of boxes from across the street until the two-story building was complete. At ninety-one years old, the “A.G. Kraege” letters are still on display on the front facade.

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Every Drop of Shiner Bock is Brewed in Shiner, TX

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Shiner, TX: it’s the self-proclaimed “Cleanest Little City in Texas” known for its robust brewing abilities! Located in the Guadalupe Valley roughly between San Antonio and Houston, Shiner is home to about 2,100 people and the Spoetzel Brewery where they ship more than 6 million cases of custom-labeled Shiner beer across the country each year!