Operating a business: Old school vs technology

Friday, September 28, 2018

Last month, I celebrated completing my 12th year with the UHV SBDC. I have to admit, with more than 35 years in small business ownership and management under my belt, 12 years ago I was confident I knew what it took to do the job.

Well, it was pretty far from the truth. Now, I like to say small business owners “don’t know what they don’t know.” It was sure true for me. Lately, I have read a few articles about the new generation of business owners coming along. The understanding of technology they possess is impressive; it is far beyond what I understand. Today, technology is important, but so are the old-school business management tools.

When I discuss the areas a business must be knowledgeable in with my clients, I tell them about four things: marketing, management, accounting and finance.

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Every Drop of Shiner Bock is Brewed in Shiner, TX

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Shiner, TX: it’s the self-proclaimed “Cleanest Little City in Texas” known for its robust brewing abilities! Located in the Guadalupe Valley roughly between San Antonio and Houston, Shiner is home to about 2,100 people and the Spoetzel Brewery where they ship more than 6 million cases of custom-labeled Shiner beer across the country each year!