Seguin EDC, City of Seguin say 2017 was good year; Economic development officials expect big things in New Year

Friday, January 05, 2018

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The city of Seguin Economic Development Department says it expects the positive growth to continue in Seguin this new year. Seguin Economic Development Director Josh Schneuker oversees the department and also serves as the executive director of the Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). Schneuker says 2017 was a good overall year for Seguin, and that's one of the reasons he is so optimisitc about the new year. Schneuker says there's a lot of diversity to their work, and they saw a lot of improvements in the overall economy last year.

"A lot of people think economic development is strictly business recruitment, but there's several facets of economic development. We put a lot of effort into focusing on a lot of other pillars that are involved. Our job is not just to recruit business. It's to create an environment that's positive to growing our businesses within our community, the ones that are already here. Then also creating an environment that has other businesses from outside the area look at Seguin as a viable option for them to either relocate or expand. So some of the pillars that we're really focused on in 2017 were business retention efforts and workforce development efforts. Looking back, I think it's some of the pillars that we really needed to focus on in the past, and are going to be paying more attention to...just like we did in 2017. Putting more time towards growing our talent pipelines, working with our partners in economic development and ensuring that the economic development climate in Seguin remains positive for years to come," said Schneuker.  READ MORE...

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