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Take a Look at Grass Roots Economic Development
Take a Look at Grass Roots Economic Development

Grassroots economic development is a bottoms-up strategy that emphasises helping the vast majority of companies that have 5 employees or less. 1 This ebook breaks down the underlying economic trends that necessitates a grassroots strategy for cities competing for relevance in the 21st century, what a grass-roots strategy looks like, and how any city could implement it.

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Posted: April 05, 2017

Serving Up Sweet and Spicy in the Guadalupe Valley

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Adams Extract made the Red Velvet Cake a household name across America in the 1920’s when it first served consumers its red dye for this infamous recipe. In the 1950’s, they had another first introducing the 4-pack of food coloring. After 125 years, this major manufacturer operates out of a 90,000 square foot facility in Gonzales, TX and continues to serve up sweet and spicy goodness to families under over 13 brand names.